Carrot Guide

The 3 Carrot “Lead Farming” phases that our most successful members follow.

icon_plant_120Phase 1
Getting Your Website Right
(adding nutrients to the soil)

First we’ll focus on getting your new Carrot website(s) right. Goal is to get through this setup process in the first 10 days to move on to the traffic generation!

Start Phase 1 ›and let’s get your website right!Don’t have the time to do it yourself or just don’t want to do it?

Our team can do the website tweaks and branding for you. Check out our Marketplace & the QuickStart Package.

icon_plant_120Phase 2
Short-Term Traffic Plan

Next it’s time to plant seeds and get leads coming in! Learn how to drive traffic to your website, and get leads in the short-term so your business has a solid foundation.

Start Phase 2 ›to get traffic & leads coming in this week!

icon_plant_120Phase 3
Long-Term Traffic Plan
(nurturing and growing)

SEO is a staple of Inbound Online Marketing and the #1 long term lead source of Carrot members. This ongoing phase will help you grow a long-term sustainable lead flow for years to come.

Start Phase 3 ›to grow your lead flow & harvest more deals!

Introduction Video

Just like with farming, we’ll start with getting your soil (Website) right, then on to planting great seeds (Starting Your Short-Term Marketing), then nurturing and growing your lead flow (With a Long-Term Marketing Plan).

Additional “Getting Started” Resources