Phase 2 – Short-Term Traffic

Our aim is to give you the tools and training to have you generating your first leads within your first 14 days as a member. Here’s how…

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Short-Term Traffic Plan

Content Pro Members: Schedule your first months worth of automated blog posts (5 minutes) & dive into past Coaching Calls to see how other investors are leveraging the web to generate leads.

Let’s Get Your First Leads Coming In!

Congratulations on making it through the first phase: Personalization.

Our most successful members spend very little time in Phase 1… That’s because it’s all about PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. They do basic personalization and branding, then quickly move into Phase 2. So remember, you can always tweak your website look and content as you go. Don’t strive for perfection. Use our system as it already is, do basic tweaks (less than 60 mins of work, or we can do it for you), then start on Phase 2.

Introduction to your short-term traffic plan

Firstly, if you are a Content Pro Member, please bring questions about short term traffic (or any other strategy related question) to the weekly Coaching Calls.  This call takes place every Tuesday at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Our lead generation philosophy here at Carrot is to help you have a clear path for pulling in qualified leads in the short-term (the first 1-8 weeks after launching your websites) and a strategic plan to help you grow your leads over the long-term.

In this section we’ll walk through some strategy planning to help you clarify what you should focus on to get your first leads within the next 14 days, and also help give you a jumpstart to implementing that plan. In addition, we’ll point you to the resources and training that already exist that dive into these strategies in a lot of detail.

This part of the guide isn’t meant to take the place of a full and detailed plan of action. The 3 Lead Per Day Training, Craigslist Post 2 Profits Training, and Coaching Calls really dive in in great detail and are at the cutting edge. This part of the guide is to help you have a clearer idea for what your focus should be on, give you some simple things you can implement quickly to get a jump on pulling in leads in the short-term (the next 1-8 weeks), and point you to the advanced trainings so you can take it to the next level.


Note: This tutorial covers how to personalize your Carrot sites created before May 2016. If your site was created on Carrot V.2 (After April 2016), then some of these screenshots and videos will look different from the ones you are viewing.