Enhancing The Credibility On Your Website

Enhance your credibility even more by adding a few “credibility boosters” to your websites this week!

Credibility is one big reason many investors have a website with Carrot. Credibility also helps to boost the performance and conversion of visitors to leads on your website.

Time To Complete: 10-15 mins (if you have some testimonials ready)

By default, your Carrot websites help you build really solid credibility vs. other platforms on the market… or vs. you trying to hack together a website on WordPress or one of those bargain website builders.  From the way our websites are structured, the professional look, the high quality content that builds trust, etc.

But, to take it to the next level, our most successful members have spent a few minutes on adding things to their websites to enhance their credibility even more. It’s well worth the time.

Why Credibility On Your Website Is Important

We hear time and time again from customers how their house sellers, buyers, lenders, and renters did business with them because the credibility on their website.

Which is why we’ve built in many elements into your websites automatically to help increase your credibility out of the box. Things like our testimonials rotator, a clean professional website, easy to navigate content, and more.

In addition, adding more credibility to your website can help improve the conversion rate and improve your lead flow over the long run.

The Stanford Web Credibility Research Project

Stanford started a project that measured the important elements that led to higher credibility on a website… and higher credibility leads to higher performance (more leads and deals) on your website.

They found that the following elements are what help enhance the credibility of a website. On the flipside… websites without these elements are seen as less credible to the website visitor. If you’ve had a website prior to Carrot, and if it didn’t perform well, it’s likely in part… because it wasn’t coming across as credible to the website visitor.

10 Website Credibility Guidelines

We’ve built all 10 of these elements into your websites, and give you the ability to easily enhance these elements even more!

As you can see, we’ve already taken care of many of these elements… so you don’t have to lift a finger on most of them. Elements #5-10 are already built into Carrot by default. Elements 1-4 (and #8 as well) we’ve given you a jumpstart… and make it easy for you to add in your own personal information to further enhance those sections of the website.

In this section we’ll walk through some simple things you can do to build even more credibility into your websites and boost the performance even more.

  • Make sure you’ve personalized your website with your company info on the “Our Company” page so they can tell it’s real people behind the website
  • Add in some testimonials that vouch for you professionally or personally