Localizing Your Website

A Simple And Quick Way To Make Your Website Perform Even Better Is To Add Some “Local Flair” To It. Here’s How…

Local = High Performing: Video Review

According to our website tests and surveys from real estate investing leads, “local providers” are often preferred over firms that don’t seem like they’re local. So we’ve found that the more you “localize” your website with local images and words, the better chance you have at improving the results your website will pull once you start driving traffic.

How You Can Add Some Local “Flair” To Improve Results Even More

By default, your Carrot websites are already far more localized in your content than any other website solution in the industry. We’ve mixed in your main city, state, and zip code into the content to help with conversion and SEO.

But, you can improve your website credibility even more by adding a few simple elements to your website content that we discuss next in the Carrot Guide.

Those include adding…

  • Local pictures: Local pictures can help the website visitor quickly know you’re a local provider and
  • Information about the city: Add some information about the neighborhoods in the cities you invest in to further “localize” the content.