Credibility Bar

How to Use The Carrot Credibility Bar

Here’s a look at how to use the credibility bar and how might end up looking like on your website. There are a couple of options to customize this feature. Image and Testimonial. Before diving into the text portion of the content… watch the video below.

How to Add Images

Step #1: Click “Add to Gallery”

Step #2: Choose the credibility images you would like feature

Your images are now in the image box:

Here is a preview of how your images will look:

Step #3: Click Update or Publish

How to Add a Testimonial

Step #1: Click the Testimonial drop-down menu.

Step #2: Choose which testimonial you would like to use

Here is a preview of what a Testimonial will look like:

Step #3: Click Update or Publish

How to Add a Header

You also have the option of adding a header to both your images and testimonials.

Chose a title that fits. For example, for testimonials, “What Our Clients Say…”

Example for adding a header title: