Does Carrot Integrate with any CRM Systems?

Your Carrot account currently comes equipped with a simple built-in CRM, which can:

  • Stores the leads where you can view them
  • Make notes
  • See the lead details
  • Export leads in a csv file
  • Send autoresponder for initial opt-in’s

Carrot also has direct integration with CRM, such as:

How to Integrate Other CRM’s?

Any CRM that allows you to create opt in forms and generate an embed form code will be able to be connected to your Carrot site. You can put that form embed code anywhere on your Carrot site or even replace the built-in Carrot forms.

Here’s a short list of CRMs that we can think of off the top of our heads that will work:

  • Freedomsoft
  • Realeflow
  • Buyers on Fire
  • Podio
  • Infusionsoft