Updating Form Email Notifications / Autoresponder

With your Carrot forms you can create email notifications (one autoresponder email that will go out immediately) that go out to people who opt into your forms… plus you can create email notifications that go out to you every time a lead comes in.

BY DEFAULT Carrot has “”Customer Autoresponses” for many of your forms that will send your an email confirmation after they opt into your forms. We’ve also created “Admin Notifications” for every form on your website so you’ll get an email when leads come in.

You can fully edit what these emails say. The steps below shows you where and how to edit email auto responses.

Additionally, you may also setup SMS Notifications for your phone.

Step 1: Click “Content” for the Site With the Form to Edit


 Step 2: Go to Your Forms Page and Click the Form to Edit

Each form is titled by the first line that reads on the site.
  • Hover your mouse on the name of the form you want to edit the notifications for
  • Hover on the “Settings” link under that form
  • Click “Notifications” to go to the screen where you can add and edit the email notifications


Step 3 – Edit Current Email Notifications

Click the notification you want to edit. The admin notification is an email sent to you – the admin of the site. The Customer Autoresponse is the email sent to your lead within the first couple minutes of filling out the form.



Step 4: Scroll Down to Edit the Email Response


  • The email has a subject line above the message
  • You can insert required fields into the text by clicking the down-arrow box on the right and choosing the field you want in the message. Please note, any optional field may not be completed by a visitor and it is possible that inserting these into your emails can make it unprofessional and broken.
    • See above arrows to view what the field-insertion looks like in your message

Save by Scrolling Down and Clicking “Update Notifications”