City Specific Landing Pages

Here is the Video Tutorial for City Specific Landing Pages:

Hey gang! Are you wondering how to expand your market? Here’s a video on what this tutorial will do to help you expand your market –> Click here for the Video!!

Step 1: Click “Content” to Expand its Market


Step 2: Go to Pages and Duplicate the Home Page


Your home page will be titled “Home” by default but may be updated by the time you begin to work on city landing page. Please search for the page that has a bold “Front Page” in black letters next to it. 🙂


Step 3: Edit the Page and Permalink for SEO



Set Permalink: Make sure the permalink for the URLs include the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. i.e. – for sellers we usually shoot for a “sell-house-[location]” or variations of that. Or for cash buyers something like “/investment-properties-[location]”.

Also be sure to change up some of the content on the page to be original, so Google won’t ding your site for duplicate content. Think of how you would read a newspaper and pay attention to the headings, bold print, and image captions. The other text requires some reworks (such as flopping house for home, fast for quick, and some simple sentence reworks. Wanna keep it optimized? Check out this tutorial!


Step #4: Overwrite the Market City Settings

city tut 4

Step #5: Publish the Page



Step #6: Go to “Design”

Step #7, Click on “Menus”



Step #8: Choose + Add a Menu


Step #9: After you select “Add a Menu”. Type in “Area’s”

Step #10: After you have typed in “Area’s”. Select + Add Items

Step #11: Click on “Sell House Fast in Austin (example)”

Step #12: Change Navigation Label: “Sell House Fast in Austin” to (just the city and state) “Austin, TX”

Step #13: Go back to the main menu and select “Widgets”


Step #14: Select Sidebar

Step #15: Select + Add a Widget

Step #16: Select Custom Menu

Step #17: Title (example) “Sell Houses Fast In:” then under “select menu”, choose “Area’s”

Step #18: Save & Publish to finish. Then move the widgets on the sidebars up and down as you prefer.