How To Put Testimonials In Your Content

If you’re looking for a way to insert a single testimonial, or specific testimonials, into different content areas of your Carrot site, we’ve got you covered!

The [testimonials] short code will insert the most recently entered testimonial by default in the location of your choice.

It’s super simple to use. After you’ve created the testimonial just insert [testimonials] in the location on the page or post you’d like to have a single testimonial appear such as the Our Company page for example –

To choose a specific testimonial to display, add the post ID to the short code. For example, [testimonials id=123]

You can locate the testimonial ID by viewing the address bar from the testimonial edit screen as shown below –

In this example, the ID is 1205 so you would enter [testimonials id=1205] into your content where you would like it to appear.

If you need help on creating testimonials, visit our Testimonials Guide.