Pages are where most of the static content on your site is stored. Menus on your website leads to “Pages” by default. In this section we will show you how to locate and edit existing pages and add new ones.

Step #1: Go the Content of the Site you Want to Edit

Login in to your account and find the pencil icon on the same line as the site you want to edit. Click it.

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Step #2: Open the “Pages” Tab on your Dashboard

To begin editing pages, click the “Pages” tab on the left menu.


Step 2A: Open an Existing Page for Editing

In the page listing, find the title of the page you would like to edit. Click on the title to begin editing.

While you’re editing the content of your sites, you’ll want to make sure your sites remain optimized.

You can use our SEO Grader tool to keep sites optimized during editing.


Step 2B: Add a New Page

To add a new page, click the button at the top of the page for “Add New”. This will bring up a blank editing screen

Step 3: Adding and Editing Content

Most of your content changes will happen within the main content editor. This editor is designed to work similarly how your word processor or email program works, and you will see similarities in the toolbar for styling paragraphs and setting text appearance.

Can’t find where to edit the top section of your home page? You’re looking for the Hero Section tutorial!