Uploading Your Logo

Want to upload your own logo? Perfect. Let’s get you started with that 🙂

Step #1: Go to the dashboard of the site that needs a logo


Screenshot on 24-May-16 at 14.35.39

Step #2: Click the Design Tab


Step #3: Update your “Branding”

Select Branding then “upload” your logo image by selecting an image (it’s the bottom button). The current max size for the logo image is 2mb. Accepted file types are JPG, GIF, and PNG.



select logo


Find Logo on Computer

logo tut5

Step #4: Click to use image as your logo.

logo tut6

Step #5: Save your changes
Save & Publish


NOTE: You may only have the logo or the site tagline and title, but not both. If you want to incorporate both, we suggest adding a tagline to the logo itself… Or creating a small icon you can upload as the “Custom Site Icon” to be placed next to the site title and tagline. Or you can create a text-based logo with our logo maker. The site title will be the bold default your site came with, the tagline is the small text under than, and the icon will be added to the left of your text logo.

LOGO TOO BIG? If your logo is too large and you want to make it smaller you can actually edit your images directly inside of your account. We recommend logos sized 400×600 or 600×800 Go here to see the Image Editing Tutorial <<