NameCheap Domain Setup

Note: You may find support asking for an IP Address to attach the domain name. We use CNames to attach domain names because using IP Addresses means a systems servers must remain the same and ours do not and flux with incoming traffic and other updates. To ensure domain names always work, please use a cname to attach the domain to your site. 🙂

1. Login to your Namecheap account, go to Domain List and hit Manage


2. Edit the www CNAME record to have the value of oncarrot.comAdvanced_DNS

Then add a URL Redirect that forwards to your site with www. in front.

3. Now, Let’s Attach That To Your Carrot Site

Step 1: Point Your Domain to Your Carrot Website

Sign into your Carrot Account page and click the green box to “add a custom domain.”


Scroll down and enter your domain name on Step 2, then hit Save Custom Domain to save changes.


That’s it! Give it a few for the changes to update, then return to here to add your domain to your Carrot site’s dashboard.